Screen Shot 2017-06-09 at 12.30.46 pmDuring the First World War, cartoonists throughout the English-speaking world responded to Allied allegations of German atrocities by depicting the German soldier as a monstrous ogre and labelling him a ‘Hun’ (Gullace, 2010 Gullace, N. F. (2010) Barbaric anti-modernism: representations of the ‘Hun’ in Britain, North America, Australia, and beyond, in P. James (Ed.), Picture This: World War I Posters and Visual Culture. Lincoln: University of Nebraska Press., pp. 61–62). The ‘Hun’ became a prominent symbol of the enemy’s capacity for rapacious violence and was widely depicted in both government and non-government propaganda. While the simian German soldier was unique to the First World War, the racial tropes projected on to him were not. Indeed, he was an amalgam of pre-existing imagery that had been created during the 19th century as British imperialists applied scientific notions of race to colonised people throughout the globe (Robertson, 2010 Robertson, E. (2010) The Hybrid Heroes and Monstrous Hybrids of Norman and Lionel Lindsay: Art, Propaganda and Race in the British Empire and Australia from 1880–1918, MA Thesis, Australian National University.). The Australian transformation of the German from racially similar Aryan to monstrous ‘Other’ is an excellent example of how this process occurred, and clearly demonstrates that race played a central role in the Allied construction of the ‘Hun’. Through an examination of the war art of Australian artist Norman Lindsay (1879–1969), this article will establish the importance of race to the creation of the ‘Hun’ in three ways. First, Lindsay’s ‘Hun’ was closely modelled on anti-Asian and anti-African British imperial atrocity propaganda that long preceded the Great War. Thus, popular tropes from ‘atrocious’ rebellions such as the Indian Mutiny were recycled for use in 1914. Second, racial stereotyping reflected the particular culture that produced it—in this case, Lindsay’s work was the product of a uniquely Australian brand of racism that pilloried the Chinese and Japanese. Third, Lindsay’s racial stereotyping, although uniquely Australian, nonetheless drew upon deeply held British beliefs about the nature of imperialism, being that white civilisation waged a war against black barbarism: by ‘Asianising’ the German, Lindsay therefore removed his status as a white man, and enfolded him in a pre-existing and powerful imperial narrative about the ‘Just War’ against coloured savagery.

Screen Shot 2018-03-16 at 12.57.44 am.png


Source: Norman Lindsay and the ‘Asianisation’ of the German Soldier in Australia during the First World War


Screen Shot 2018-03-10 at 11.26.54 am

In the spirit of Amnesty Australia’s home page I’d like to help expose lies, demand justice and save lives in Eastern Ghouta. What better place to do this than on Amnesty Australia’s Facebook page, see their post below begging for urgent donations? This post is high on drama but lacking in detail, prominently pinned to the top of their page, linking back to their website.

Screen Shot 2018-03-09 at 1.40.48 pm

Amnesty if flogging jihadist images and their narrative, it’s a tried and true method and worked to separate many kind people from their hard earned cash when, like the sky in Chicken Little, Aleppo was said to be falling. A Manichean narrative of good versus evil, good guys with white hats have been thrown into the mix making sure you know what side to be on. They arrive with cameras blazing, the media arm of al Qa’eda, the White Helmets, ready for their close ups.

At the time of writing 50% of East Ghouta has been liberated by the SAA and there have been terrorist surrenders. As with Aleppo local people become emboldened the closer they get to liberation. Photos started coming out of besieged Aleppo of the Syrian flag being raised in prominent areas. The people of East Ghouta have been doing the same, raising flags and protesting their support for their President and their Army.

Screen Shot 2018-03-10 at 12.12.46 pm

The following post on Twitter was marked as on Amnesty’s Facebook page, now I understand the FB algorithms can mark posts as such, but Administrators are immediately informed and they can manually change the post so it can been seen. Amnesty didn’t afford this post the legitimacy it deserved and censored their audiences’ feed so they couldn’t see how the civilians, they claim to want to help, feel. What these Syrians did was very dangerous for them, their determination to show the world the truth was brushed aside by Amnesty.

Screen Shot 2018-03-10 at 12.30.36 pm

You can view the video here.

I also posted an interview with survivors of the Rashideen Massacre that was removed, this video remained on their thread for too long to have been an algorithm problem. It’s deletion was deliberate.

Screen Shot 2018-03-09 at 12.49.16 pm

This is not the first time I have had pause to consider Amnesty’s perceived credibility. At the NATO Chicago summit they invited Madeleine Albright to be their Goodwill Ambassador an also ran bus shelter adverts appealing to NATO “to keep the progress going” for human rights for women and girls of Afghanistan years before they were instrumental in the lies propagated to manufacture consent to destroy Libya.

Screen Shot 2018-03-10 at 1.28.45 pm

It appears Amnesty Australia is not at all concerned about exposing lies or justice for the people of East Ghouta or they would not feel the need for censorship. Silencing the people they claim to be serving is scurrilous behaviour. Amnesty is more concerned with donations  than the truth.

Where has Western “Anti War” (mis)lead us to?

Britain’s Massive Charity Scam




The West in general hears precious little of life in Damascus. Our State funded media, who most Australians trust, has become propaganda central, our ‘Aunty’ no more. For all intents and purposes a Murdoch run outlet devoid of fact, balance or nuance regarding the Syrian crisis. While the MSM focuses on the Islamist held areas, showing footage from the White Helmets with scant regard to their associations with known terrorists or acting skills. Our ‘Aunty’ airs terrorists’ footage and the people take them at their word. Meanwhile an ancient, world heritage listed city, crowded with civilians is under attack and it’s hardly seen as newsworthy.




“Those who don’t know history are destined to repeat it.” ~ Edmund Burke (1729-1797)

History is repeating in Syria.  The west is fully cognisant of the terrible cost to the Iraqi people for the spiteful, cruel sanctions on their country.  Madelaine Allbright freely admitted this on prime time television, ‘We think the price was worth it.’  However, the west didn’t pay the price, they never do.  It was paid by over 500,000 children (and others) who died due to the impact of sanctions, half a million children alone, many from conditions as simple a diarrhoea due to the lack of paediatric syringes to hydrate them, as they were deemed ‘dual use’.  The powers that be sit in their ivory towers and decree who will live and who will die, all while their vassal states nod in sanctimonious agreement, the UN holds back documents that contradict them and they remain outrageously, the countries that claim the responsibility to protect.

So who protected little Joud?  Whose responsibility was it?

It certainly wasn’t the responsibility of the caring Stella Matt, who tried to raise the funds needed to give him the medical care necessary to his survival.  Not any easy task when the usual crowd funding avenues will not touch anything to do with Syria.  It certainly wasn’t the responsibility of the ordinary citizens of the world who donated their money in an effort to save his young life regardless of sanctions.  However, we knew our governments would not help and do feel a responsibility to protect children of the world suffering an unbearable life surrounded by incomprehensible violence with a chaser of sanctions.  If they live through the violence, health problems from the simple to extremely complicated adds to the death toll of Syrians and children are the most vulnerable.  When the village is unable to do their work raising the children, we need to be a global village, in a real sense, not just economically, and say we cannot abide this insanity any longer, we will lobby our government to put their money where their mouth is and uphold their credo of ‘responsibility to protect’ and remove the sanctions on Syria.  We need to break sanctions as a matter of conscience when we can by making connections with people who can help to this end.  We also need to pressure the UN to do their job and not cover up reports and allow the truth of Syria to be known!

Joud’s story as Stella wrote on her fundraising page:

“Over the past couple of weeks I have been working with a group of amazing individuals to help a 3.5 year old little Syrian boy named Joud Haider.

He has been diagnosed with Hydrocephalus, liquid in the brain, which has left him unresponsive and increasingly suffering damage to the brain.

Due to harsh sanctions on Syria he is unable to get the operation and treatment he requires there. Joud is one of thousands suffering unnecessary because of the sanctions we imposed.

We have arranged for him to be transported to a hospital in Malaysia to undergo neurosurgery and physical therapy to regain some active control of his life.

At the moment while travel arrangements are being made he has also contracted chicken pox and is being quarantined.

Screen Shot 2018-01-15 at 8.58.45 am.png

Screen Shot 2018-01-15 at 1.22.35 pm.png


For a short time we believed Joud may survive.

Screen Shot 2018-01-15 at 8.59.39 am

Screen Shot 2018-01-15 at 1.37.37 pm

This is the story of one small boy who we could not save, but there are so many others who could be helped, if not for the sanctions.  I, as I’m sure may others do, vacillate between great sadness and white hot fury as we watch western countries do their best to destroy another sovereign state in the name of empire and sheer bastardy.  We know the consequences, no parent should have to watch their baby die while the west congratulate themselves on their moral superiority.

More on the Sanctions on Syria:

Middle East Eye reports:

“There is one difference between Sadaam Hussein’s Iraq and Syria today. International sanctions on Iraq had United Nations backing and were approved by all the major powers. The ones on Syria are unilateral. They derive from decisions taken by Britain and the rest of the European Union as well as the United States. 

Not only were they not given international legal authorisation by any UN Security Council resolution, they were explicitly condemned by a UN General Assembly resolution of 20 December 2013, which states that “unilateral coercive economic measures adversely affect the economies and development efforts of developing countries in particular”.  

“Such measures”, the resolution continues, “constitute a flagrant violation of the principles of international law as well as the basic principles of the multilateral trading system”.”

Excerpts from the UN report: Humanitarian Impact of Syria-Related Unilateral Restrictive Measures:

“European Doctor operating in Syria, “even though in theory it should be possible to procure medical equipment, the indirect effects of sanctions, especially the challenges it creates for Syrians to access banks accounts, makes the import of medical instruments and other medical supplies immensely difficult, nearly impossible. It also makes it far more expensive”.        

European Doctor operating in Syria, “We often source medical equipment from neighbouring countries without always disclosing a Syria link. When we do say Syria is the destination country, the good ends up costing a lot more, and will often be subject to lengthy delays”.49

U.S./Syrian Doctor operating in Syria, “It becomes difficult to access medical up-grades, i.e., software updates, as these are not included on the U.S. list of allowed goods”.

 The electricity sector has seen blackouts and a dramatic reduction in electricity generation due to damages arising from the conflict that have impacted power plants, transmission and distribution, plus a lack of maintenance.

European Company X has traditionally provided servicing and parts to a number of Syrian power plants; these plants are now over overdue for urgent maintenance and at imminent risk of break down. Currently power can be provided for a limited period within any given day, even in some areas of Damascus power supply is around 1-2 hours per day. According to available informa- tion only one of the power plants, the Deir Ali combined cycle power plant facility is generating power for:

More than 2 million civilians in different geographical areas ( i.e. Damascus, Swieda, Daraa and Konaytra );

For 300 pumping stations to supply portable water portable and irrigation water for 30,000 km2 of farmlands; and

Approximately 150 hospitals.

The licensing requirements under the export control regulations are more restrictive for Syria than Sudan.

There is a long list of items used for “basic human needs” that can be used to export goods without a licence from the U.S. government to otherwise embargoed countries, such as Cuba. These same items require a licence for export to Syria.

For Somalia, which is in a similar situation to Syria (in that a designated terrorist organisation controls certain territories), the U.S. government has issued a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) fact sheet, signaling an effective safe harbor against certain technical violations stemming from humanitarian aid delivery.

In the case of the Sudan sanctions, the U.S. government has set up a system for “vetting” Ngos to ensure their reliability; no such system exists with respect to the Syria sanctions programme. However, one could certainly be useful to assuage U.S. government concerns.” 

RIP little Joud. My deep and sincere condolences to his family.

Links to information on Australia’s harsh and autonomous sanctions on Syria. Both sides of government hold hands on Syria Sanctions:

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Looking at recent events we can see that the US is adopting a very aggressive military stance in many places around the world:

In Syria they have just killed three Russian Officers.
They are holding war games in Poland near Russian border.
They are threatening N. Korea with complete destruction.

The connection between these events is not understood by many people because our media does not point out two simple facts:

If the US attacks N. Korea China will defend them.
Russia and China are military allies so if one is attacked both will respond.

Any of these separate conflicts in Syria, Europe or N. Korea could lead to the same thing: total nuclear war between the US and Russia/China.


Since 1971 the power of the US has rested on the fact that all countries must use the US dollar to buy and sell oil. This also means that most other international trade is bought and sold in US dollars. Why this is important for the US is explained below.

The threat the US faces now is that Venezuela and soon other countries will start to buy and sell oil in the Chinese gold-backed Yuan. If oil and other commodities are widely bought and sold in Yuan the value or worth of all US dollars around the world will drop to almost nothing.


This will mean that the US cannot afford to buy and import formerly cheap products for consumers or industry. It will also mean that the US cannot afford to pay for some 800 military bases around the world. Without military power to enforce the policies of Wall Street on the rest of the world, countries will have a freedom not experienced since 1500 when the European countries started to create colonies.


American power is based upon the U.S.’s ability to force oil-producing countries to accept payment for oil exclusively in dollars. This is sometimes referred to as the Petrodollar System.

America’s ability to enforce “dollar hegemony” in oil payments artificially strengthens the US dollar and allows American banks to loan as much money as they want without fear of inflationIt will also mean that the US cannot afford to pay for some 800 military bases around the world.

The US dollar is a fiat currency. This means that unlike currencies used for centuries in international trade it is not backed by gold. It is just pieces of paper that are valuable because the US can make countries use them thanks to its military supremacy. U.S. banks can create money out of nothing, with few consequences, due to the military-backed dollar hegemony system. And this is principally what has made America the richest country on earth.


This system has two major “nodes”:

The financial sector
The military industrial complex

Each of these nodes are interdependent and symbiotic. The military industrial complex needs MONEY to support itself. It gets this from BANKERS. The bankers, in turn, need a STRONG MILITARY to force the oil-producing countries to sell oil in dollars, thus propping up the dollar so that the bankers can create money out of nothing without worrying too much about inflation.

What makes the U.S. imperial system successful is its flywheel structure:
Being the richest nation on earth allows the U.S. to spend more money on its military…
More military spending makes it easier to enforce “dollar hegemony” in world oil markets…
Dollar hegemony allows the U.S. banking sector to print money at will without it causing inflation…
Endless money printing sustains America’s wealth and keeps it the richest nation on earth…
…and so on, ad infinitum.

The American Empire is a system. It’s not just based on military force and it’s not just based on money. It’s based on a symbiotic relationship between the two, which mutually strengthen and guarantee each other. It is a beautifully designed system. Most people think that American foreign policy is ugly and chaotic — and it seems that way on the surface. But the secret principle that underpins American power is in fact deeply elegant. Real genius went into designing this system.


If the US loses control of how oil is priced, they lose everything.
As it stands, the fact that oil sales are priced in dollars basically gives America a license to print money. But if major oil producers stop selling oil in dollars, the whole system breaks down — and the U.S. will no longer be able to print money without it causing hyperinflation.

This is the importance of the move by China to use the gold-backed Yuan instead of the US Dollar for trade in oil and other commodities. Note that Venezuela has already said it will sell its oil for Yuan, not US dollars. The only way the US can stop the use of the gold-backed Yuan is with MILITARY FORCE! This is why we have every reason to be VERY AFRAID!

This has been copied and modified from the following article:



National Flag of Pushtunistan


FRANKFURT [Germany]: The Sindh representative political party, the Jeay Sindh Muttahida Mahaz (JSMM), under their independence movement, held an international conference, represented by Balochistan, the Pakistan-occupied Kashmir, Pashtunistan, and the China-Occupied Xinjiang and called on the international community to support and acknowledge the oppressed historic nations’ right to national independence.

These nations said that they have been languishing under the ‘theocratic and fascist’ Pakistani occupation for more than seven decades in the conference titled ‘The independence of the oppressed subjugated historic nations; the precursor to unity of mankind, World Peace and Human Development’ at the Frankfurt Press Club, Germany on Tuesday.

The prime purpose of this conference was to gather the oppressed subjugated historic nations chained in the forced federation of Pakistan on a single platform and to formulate a unified roadmap to persuade the international community to support and acknowledge the oppressed historic nations’ right to national independence.

This conference was attended by various Baloch, Pashtun, Kashmiri (PoK), Uyghur (Chinese Occupied XinJiang) leaders, Afghan and European intellectuals and human rights activists.

Pir Riaz Afghan (Pashtunistan Freedom Movement), Liao Ran (Political Consultant), Dolkun Isa (World Uyghur Congress), Roohul Amin (Pashtunistan Freedom Movement), Claudia Heidelberg (German Human Rights Defender), Sardar Shaukat Kashmiri (Chairman UKPNP), Munir Mengal (President Baloch Voice Association), Noelle Charpentier (French Human Rights Defender and Intellectual) and others were among the speakers of the conference.

Presiding the conference, JSMM Chairman Shafi Burfat addressed the historic need of the resolution of “national question of the chained historic nations” around the globe which, according to him, is hindering the collective evolution of human civilisation, intellect and societies in this 21st century era. He elaborated the political economic scenario of the Post-WW-II and Post-Cold War Era World’s so called “Liberal World Order” which has been incapable of resolving the serious historic questions of national independence of the oppressed nations, nuclear proliferation, radical Islamic extremism and terrorism, poverty, asymmetric material development of the humanity, global conflicts and confrontations, climate change etc.

He elaborated the history and causes of the regional conflicts in South Asia, Middle East, Africa and Chinese plateaus and claimed the “unresolved national question” in these regions to be the fundamental cause of unrest and arms race. He analysed “the unnatural, unhistoric existence of the theocratic fascist state of Pakistan” to be “the global and regional sponsor of radical Islamic terrorism” and the enforcer of “cruel subjugation, oppression, occupation, exploitation and slavery over the historic secular Sindhi, Baloch, Pashtun and Kashmiri nations.”

He also criticised the international community’s negligence of the quadrilateral evil scheme of Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Turkey and Iran to impose their Utopian Pan-Islamic World Order over the world and international community’s incapability to deal with the nuclear threats posed by Pakistani and North Korean nukes to the world.

Burfat illustrated the atrocities of Pakistani fascism on the people of the oppressed nations chained into its forced federation and demanded the United Nations and the international community to acknowledge their right to national independence and the use of “right to self-determination” under the U.N.’s supervision. He called upon for the alliance of the oppressed subjugated nations and raise their voice in front of the international community, the U.S.A., Germany, the U.K., France, Canada, India, Israel and other civilised nations of the world to attain moral, political and diplomatic support for their common cause of independence from the theocratic fascist state of Pakistan.

Speakers belonging to Balochistan, the PoK, Pashtunistan, the China-Occupied Xinjiang addressed the participants on the situation of human rights violations and the fascist atrocities of Pakistani and Chinese Imperialisms over the occupied nations of the region.

Afghan, German and French intellectuals showed their concerns about the need of the “resolution of national question around the world”, grave human rights violations and oppression of historic nations by Pakistan and their strong support for the alliance for independence movements of the region.

The Conference also decided to formulate an alliance of the oppressed subjugated nations chained in the forced federation of Pakistan to plan a joint roadmap in the pursuit of their national independence; an organising committee was unanimously agreed upon for the formation of the alliance.

The conference demanded the United Nations and the international community to impose economic sanctions upon Pakistan and disintegrate its forced federation to free historic secular natural nations chained into it.

The conference also passed following resolutions:

1. This conference demands the international community to acknowledge the Sindhi, Baloch, Pashtun, Kashmiri, Saraiki nations’ right to independence and use of right to self-determination. We also appeal the United Nations to conduct the referendums, under its own supervision, for the establishment of the separate identical independent states of all the historic nations subjugated by multinational states across the world.

2. This conference demands an immediate removal of the Pakistani military cantonments from Sindh, Balochistan, Pashtunistan and Kashmir.

3. This conference demands the formation of the U.N.’s special Enquiry commission on the assassinations, abductions, enforced disappearances, detentions, killings and dumping the mutilated bodies of Sindhi, Baloch, Pashtun political activists by the Pakistani Fascist spy agencies ISI and MI. The ISI, MI and Pakistani military personnel involved in such crimes must be tried in the International Criminal Court and the International Court of Justice.

4. This conference demands the acknowledgement of the Sindh’s Right on the waters of River Indus.

5. This conference demands the international acknowledgement of Sindh, Baluchistan, Pashtunistan and Kashmiri nations’ right on their mineral and natural resources, lands and seas.

6. This conference demands the end of Punjabi occupation over the sea ports and sea waters of Sindh and Balochistan.

7. This conference demands an immediate end to Pakistani military’s operations, atrocities, human rights violations and state torture in Sindh, Balochistan, Pashtunistan and Kashmir.

8. The so-called “Two Nation Theory” that provided the basis for the partition of Indian Subcontinent in 1947 and creation of Pakistani Federation had been exterminated by the secession of Bengal (Former East Pakistan and Now Bangladesh) in 1971. Therefore, all the subjugated historic nation that are chained in the forced federation of Pakistan must be set free.

9. This conference demands the U.N. to bring all the culprits of Bengali Genocide of 1971 (Pakistani Military Generals who massacred 3 million innocent Bengalis) to justice.

10. This conference appeals the international community to declare Pakistan “The state sponsor of Radical Islamic extremism and terrorism” as it has been financing, supporting and safe guarding the international terrorists like Al-Qaida, Taliban, Haqqani Network, Jaish-e-Mohammad, Jamaat-Ud-Dawa and others.

11. This conference also demands the international community to take a serious note of Pakistani state’s nefarious designs of establishing a wide web of extremist madrassas (Islamic schools) across Sindh and Balochistan to distort the image of their secular independence movements and their historic cultural heritage of secular humanitarian values.

12. This conference demands international community to stop Pakistan from its conspiracies to divide Sindhi nation on ethnic and lingual lines to restrict its process of social evolution and national unification.

13. This conference demands international community to take a serious notice of Pakistani state’s covert support for the forced conversions and marriages of Sindhi Hindu Girls.

14. This conference demands international community to assure the safety and rights of Hindu, Christian, Shia, Ahmadi,Sikh religious minorities in Pakistan and stop the state backed persecution of them on the charges of blasphemy.

15. This conference demands the U.N. and the international community to stop Pakistan from mortgaging and selling the lands,ports and seas of Sindhi and Baloch nations to China in the name of the China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC).

16. This conference demands the U.N. Security Council and the international community to impose economic sanctions on Pakistan on the account of its crimes against humanity, atrocious oppression of oppressed subjugated nations chained in its forced federation and covert support for Islamic extremist terrorism.

17. This conference expresses its full support for the U.S.A.’s current stance on the problem of Radical Islamic terrorism and its sponsorship by Pakistan in South Asia. Therefore, we appeal the U.S.A., Germany, the U.K., France, India, Israel and entire international community to disintegrate Pakistan, for the establishment of the radical Islamic terrorism and the establishment of global peace is impossible without the national independence of the historic secular Sindhi, Baloch, Pashtun, Kashmiri nations chained in the forced federation.

As the political landscape in the region called Afghanistan, Pakistan and India is changing so the oppressed nations did also change their approach for getting freedom from the theocratic state of Pakistan, a country that came into existence on the basis of a religion-driven theory whose very birth caused tensions with her neighbors India and Afghanistan. (ANI & The Pashtun Times)

I have been stunned by the depths of depravity the corporate media is willing to stoop to realise their wet dream of ousting Assad.  No amount of savagery is too over the top to be blamed on the Syrian Army, yet if you are to believe the likes of ABC, BBC, CNN et al, there are barely any terrorists in Syria, the majority of those fighting are freedom loving rebels.  The crimes laid at the feet of the Syrian Arab Army are so outrageous one would think the jig would be up.  One crime is that the SAA burned children alive, sheer projection as that atrocity happened in Adra when the town was over run by terrorists.  The foreign mercenaries killed children in baker’s ovens, as baking bread, subsidised by the government, was too heinous a crime to be ignored by these freedom loving rebels.  The SAA have been accused of deliberately killing civilians, however, people flooding out of Eastern Aleppo said terrorists shot at families trying to escape to government held areas.  We are told Syrian soldiers are raping with gay abandon, yet we know the terrorists in Syria use rape as a weapon, the rape of daughters was spoken of by newly liberated people of Aleppo.  Raping soldiers was also part of the false narrative spread by Amnesty International in Libya.  It seems increasingly on the ground experiences don’t coincide with the reports the Australian public are receiving from both our government and our media, particularly State funded the ABC.

So many media outlets are espousing a narrative at odds with my own experiences and those who independently travel to Syria, bearing witness to the suffering of the Syrian people.  It is evident the story Australians’ are being spoon fed doesn’t pass the sniff test.  I know my experiences inside Syria, I also know there are many others with higher profiles whose accounts run parallel with mine.  Since the liberation of Aleppo our experiences and our understanding of the crisis is being corroborated by the people of East Aleppo, finally freed from their barbaric, terrorist overloads of the last 5 years.  In the last few years several high profile US politicians have visited Syria, they too have a view simpatico with mine and other activists, independent journalist, academics and men of the cloth.  I think it is now fair to say my views are being continually corroborated as more people, unencumbered by a main stream media outlets’ pay cheques, visit Syria.  However, the reports from on the ground are ridiculed by the ABC in Australia.  In fact far too much time is devoted to promoting the ‘rebels’, read takfiris, even if they are what the ABC purports.  I’m not a big fan of fair and balanced, I want the truth, but we get neither from our ‘Aunty’.

Reportage coming out of the major outlets is in lockstep with their tales of the Syrian Arab Army and their atrocities making them sound to the right of Ghengis Khan.  An entire defensive army slaughtering the people they’re supposed to be defending, no need to check sources when you are being told what you want to hear, truth through investigation is non existent.  It makes no sense.  One would think they had overplayed their hand with a little girl of 7 tweeting her desire for WWIII, activists sending their final messages via Skype en masse from the rubble, somehow they all managed to live another day to continue cheerleading the very same fundamentalists who, we are told, Australia is fighting.  Apparently, an illegal invasion of sovereign Syria, in the process killing Syrian soldiers who are actually fighting ISIS, is going to help to that end.  We are being drip fed the same ol, same ol from media outlets who unabashedly use terrorists, aka rebels, as their sources.  It’s the colonialist manifesto, our State run media treating the tripe that spews from their friendly terrorists as gospel.  There is never any explanation as to why an entire army has willingly turned on their people, or what their strategy is.  What influences are at play here and what is their end game?  Our media and politicians are enabling takfiri ideology to infect the minds of our young and disenfranchised by their demonisation of both the Syrian President and the Syrian army.  Why wouldn’t they believe they are going to help Syrians with propaganda at the level we are seeing come out of the corporate media, while our political class prop up the narrative.  The gatekeeping of Syria truth comes not only from the Murdoch style of sledgehammer press but also from sacred cows such as Chomsky and ‘new media’ forged through whistleblowing; ‘The Intercept’.

Screen Shot 2017-07-03 at 12.36.38 am

According to ‘The Australian’ in 2013, “In February, Norwegian terrorism expert Thomas Hegghammer released a paper showing that 1 in 9 Westerners who fight in foreign jihadist insurgencies end up becoming involved in terrorist plots back home.  With evidence that more than 100 Australian jihadists in Syria are billeted with Jabhat al-Nusra, an al-Qaeda-linked militia, it isn’t surprising that Canberra is becoming alarmed.”  If we take his figures at face value that’s 10 jihadis, from Jabhat al-Nusra alone, who will be heading home with dreams of committing violence.  According to Syrian authorities there are 300 odd Australian fighters in Syria, comforting thought now isn’t it?  Couple this with our ABC’s constant use of terrorist sources, lauding those on jihad in Syria and you have a home grown recipe for disaster.  It’s interesting to note that the ABC’s go to source is the White Helmets, who have close ties to Jabhat al-Nusra.  To my mind you can’t ‘fix’ the problem of terrorism and play footsie with those sponsoring it without getting burned, known in CIA circles as blow-back.  While the Turnbull government continues down the bi partisan road of draconian laws, chipping away at our democracy, keeping us alarmed at their lack of ‘alertness’.  Our terrorism laws do more harm to our democracy than any terrorist could have hoped for.  Our government is playing fast and loose with our safety and the remnants of our socialist democracy and we grumble, wave some banners and then continue to allow this.  In essence we no longer have a functioning democracy, we have a ‘fearocracy’ and it’s working a charm.

There is something seriously wrong with our foreign policy when Australia happily involves itself in illegal wars that are not in our ‘interests’.  Australia has absolutely no right to be bombing Syrian soldiers on their own land.  There is nowhere, in International Law, that makes waging wars of aggression OK.  There is no addendum to the Geneva Convention, Commentary of 1987 Non-Intervention, that gives the US/NATO and their allies a ‘get out of gaol free’ card, regardless of their crimes of aggression, but that’s the way it is.  Australia is not only willing to put our troops in harm’s way for a lie, but to render them war criminals in the process by their involvement in a war of aggression.  The UN stands mute on the issue, as they do.  It does not matter how our political class couch our aggression, it is illegal and there should be consequences, sadly for victims across the world, there is not.  Not only is it illegal, what we are expected to believe is nonsensical.  Every chance the US has of advancing ISIS within Syria it has grabbed with both hands and we, to our shame, have openly claimed our part.  In 2016, allied forces bombed Deir Ezzor, killing Syrian soldiers defending their country, advancing ISIS in their wake.  If we step back from the aggression and illegality of the West’s invasion of Syria, it is also in direct conflict with our said goal of destroying ISIS.  From the US’s very first strike on Syria it has been destroying Syrian infrastructure, killing Syrian civilians and doing precious little in stemming ISIS’s genocidal destruction within the country.  In fact civilian deaths under Trump have soared.  We also know that the coalition, we are part of, is using banned weapons within the besieged country.  You have got to love western values; ‘do as I say, not as I do’, there should be a shrine to it at our war memorials.

It is worth reacquainting ourselves with the Geneva Convention, give it a dust off and a read.  The text of this important Convention is ignored on a regularity that is breathtaking.  It needs revisiting as most would be unaware how it is designed to protect sovereign states from wars of aggression.  The very type visited upon Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya.  Yet here we are in 2017 continuing our wars of aggression and extending them into Syria, without a word of condemnation from the UN, in fact they seem quite bound by the absurdity of ignoring this most important fact.  Like the US and Australia, they are happy to allow despots within their halls, in the most bizarre positions.  I’m speaking of course of Saudi Arabia, a tribal monarchy, given their power by the UK, continued by the US.  Saudi Arabia has one of the worst human rights records in modern history.  It is a state run with a Wahabbi ideology, put into practice with mass public lashings, amputations and beheadings.  Although they have been asked nicely to cease beheading children, regardless of their continued barbarity the UN hasn’t deemed them ineligible for humanitarian positions.  With such a record, Saudi entered the human rights business within the UN defending, internationally, rights that would never be afforded to the Saudi citizenry.  This kingdom sees fit to stop women driving, yet Australia hung our flags on the Harbour Bridge at half mast when King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz al Saud died.

This may seem bizarre, an anomaly, but unfortunately the raising of KSA to a position of defenders of women’s rights demands we take note of the inconsistencies of western hegemony as filtered through the UN.  The Saudi’s greatest export is Wahabbi Mosques, spreading their special brand of Islam wherever they’re to be found; the ideology of our sworn nemesis ISIS.  Apart from Australia doing arms deals with Saudi, their money is also infiltrating Australian Institutions.  There is documentary evidence that Saudi is directly involved in funding extremists from Afghanistan and Pakistan, yet Australia seems unperturbed by this.  Nor do we care that another great friend, Israel is also playing nice with ISIS meanwhile bombing Syria whenever it takes their fancy.  Surely the blind eye turned to these western allies’ shenanigans with jihadists begs the question; what are we doing in Syria apart from propping up western hegemony at any cost, and destroying a small independent country?  It seems Australia isn’t satisfied by inflicting outrageous sanctions on Syria, making life even more difficult for the Syrian people, we have the audacity to pretend to give a damn about them, if not their choice of President.  How can Australians who see the machinations at play not feel a sense of shame for our government and Armed Forces’ actions?  One’s own country’s war crimes are a bitter pill to swallow.

Over the months since Australia’s illegal adventures in Syria more propaganda from the ‘rebel’s’ is being debunked in spectacular fashion.  The poster boy for Assad’s cruelty, dubbed ‘Dusty Boy’ by Patrick Henningsen, little Omran Daqneesh’s father came out of hiding to declare his support for Dr. Bashar al Assad and debunk one of the greatest stories of child exploitation in a war chock full of child exploitation.  Regardless of Seymour Hearsh bringing some sanity to the wild chemical weapons false flag allegations in Ghouta in 2013 this attack was used as evidence of the Khan Sheikhun attack.  This culminated in the US’s attack on Shayrat Airbase, killing nine civilians, including four children and seven members of the military.  In this exercise of feigned indignance at the death of ‘beautiful babies’, Trump decided to kill some children himself.  He did this without a shred of evidence, just the word of reactionary al Nusra propagandists, the White Helmets.  Evidence had not been sourced at this point, that was to come after Syrian lives had been taken on a lie.  Although Shayrat Airbase was considered to be the source of the chemicals it wasn’t deemed important when it came to fact finding, no inspectors to date have ventured there or to Khan Sheikhoun for that matter.  It’s worth noting that Shayrat Airbase is used directly in the fight against ISIS.

The farcical ‘investigation’ into the chemical attack has been questioned widely and rightly so.  Simple issues that wouldn’t pass muster in a common criminal investigation have enabled another war crime, in a very long list of war crimes, against the Syrian people.  From collection methods, chain of evidence issues, involvement of al Nusra to the verification of the bona fides of ‘expert’ witnesses, and so a conga line of the usual suspects are paraded before our eyes on our own State run television by Australian journalists.  Journalists who aren’t on the ground and have shown a definite bias toward jihadist extremists and slander those who dare to differ, to nary a tut, tut from anywhere.  This, even though notable Australian journalist John Pilger has joined the chorus of independent investigative journalists, activists, foreign dignitaries and clergy who travel Syria regularly and can find no evidence that the White Helmets are an humanitarian organisation.  On my last trip to Syria, I too saw undeniable evidence of the White Helmets close affiliation with al Nusra and other jihadist factions and their collusion with western NGOs.  I visited a hospital in Eastern Aleppo that our ABC, through the White Helmets and MSF (Médecins Sans Frontières/Doctors’ Without Borders), had reported were not only destroyed but deliberately so.  Apparently not, unless my eyes deceived me.

Australia is arrogantly and unapologetically involved in a war of aggression against the sovereign state the Syrian Arab Republic, in direct contravention of international law.  Essentially to hold fast to an alliance in the hands of an arguably unstable President in an increasingly unstable world, to believe otherwise would be Pollyannaish.  I cannot see how this further foray into international, serial criminality is in Australia’s interest or ever was, regardless of the POTUS of the day.  I would have hoped Australia could have hailed in the 21st century by envisioning something more than endless war, but we had no sooner dipped our toe in this bright new century than we tainted it with our obsession with maintaining an imperial master.  What a sad brutal nation we are, we no longer bother to pretend to keep our imagined virtues of a ‘fair go’ and ‘egalitarianism’ … lest we forget?

Gail Malone