Survivor/witnesses’ tell us of their harrowing ordeal the day following the massacre.  They tell how their children were lured to their deaths with chips and biscuits and the 48 hours they endured on the buses.  The death toll; 240 civilians, including 116 children.

We looked Zeinab al Sheikh, and the other survivors in their eyes as they told us of the loss of their families and friends.  Zeinab held Vanessa’s hand for a long time.  She then took one of mine and squeezed it tight in both of hers.  We held eye contact for ever so long as she keep a tight grip on my hand, then she bent forward and kissed me on both cheeks.  I don’t know who was comforting who, or maybe it was just a moment of understanding between mothers.  Her bravery was beyond measure and she is imprinted on my soul.

Jebrin – old man weeps as he remembers the children massacred the previous day.

Salmon Alou

One of the buses blown apart in the carnage.


Two of the bus drivers speak.  These drivers were not present at the interview with Zeinab Sheikh and the other witnesses.  They were in a completely different location to the IDPs.  We came upon them by chance when we stopped to inspect the buses.  These eyewitness reports corroborate one another.

Inside one of the buses. Chips and water bottles among the shattered glass.

Screen Shot 2017-05-02 at 10.27.05 pm

NB:  These eyewitness reports are not being shown on the MSM.


What qualifications do you actually need [to get into the United States]?

He must be someone has killed like 500 people, have two pistols, if he had these qualifications they would like to see him in Hollywood, the United States, anywhere.  Because they have seen some of the murders of Arabs, Bandar bin Sultan who lived in the United States for many years, he killed more than 300 opposition Saudis in the desert, and everyone knows about this.  His problem is that he doesn’t have an oil field or a lot of money to give to the United States, he has only his words.  In the beginning there was the word, that’s what Jesus said.  He said, they are afraid of hearing words.

When Obama was elected to Presidency, the Mufti [inaudible] a ceremony in the Mosque and it’s recorded, the ceremony that was entitled ‘Speech to Obama’, and he sent a copy of the ceremony to the American Embassy, and he wrote to Obama that the American people are very class people … very good people, when they choose you and didn’t choose McCain, did you ask yourself why did the American people chose you, when his father was Muslim and he’s black, from Africa, why did the American people elect you, vote for you?   Because in your campaign you said that you will bring peace to the United States and you will close all the prisons outside of the United States, and you will go from Afghanistan and from Iraq and you will take care of the American people economically wise, that’s why I respect their opinions and don’t let them regret they voted for you, without considering your colour, or your religious background, or to your father, they voted for your words, to make peace, to achieve peace.  I feel sad that Obama actually didn’t make peace, and he said that now both Obama and Clinton they are not capable of achieving peace.

Therefore he feels very sorry for the American people because they are facing unjust everywhere.  He went from Indonesia all the way to Mexico, people were cursing America and the United States but they know that the American people have nothing to do with what’s going on because they are also facing unjust, the American people are facing unjust.  Money that the United States invested in wars, if they paid it to improve the life standards of the people of Afghanistan for example, the people of Afghanistan would put an American flag in their houses.  In 1959, he was 6 years old he held the American flag and walked the streets of Aleppo because the United States was against the triple attack on Egypt.  The United States called France and the UK and Israel leave the Suez Canal because it’s an international passage and a lot of people in the Arab world were carrying, were holding an American flag and walking in the streets.

But when the United States government become working for the Saudi family and the Qatari Prince too, they work for him, they United States they started attacking Yemen and they attacked Deir Ezzour and they attack Damascus and they attack Aleppo, they attack a school in Aleppo, 6 kids died, what’s called FSA, the moderates.  Yesterday in Dara’a 8 kids, schools begin open 2 weeks ago, yes, so they don’t want the students to go to school now the FSA, the moderates are attacking schools.  Since 2011 up ’till today I challenge anyone to prove that the Syrian army attacked one single school, I challenge anyone to prove it.  And if the Syrian army did, I would immediately go on TV and say President Bashar Assad, you should be afraid of God, your army attacked a school, but that didn’t happen.  There is a silence, no one is talking about what the moderate rebels are doing to schools.  The kid behead by FSA ad al Zinki, why didn’t they talk about it?  Why?


St. Sergius Church, site of the oldest altar, Ma’aloula

We are a sacred country, yes.  Because of us, because of our beliefs only and because of what our history is, our heritage, our ancestors are gift to us and not the Umayyad ancestors or the Abbasid, we are way older than this, way older than this.  The Ummayyad and Abbasid were dark eras, were dark times for Syria, we make a lot bad and we …  you don’t know that we have created alphabet, you don’t know … so we have, we have  enough to come out of it.

I’m worried about you, you are not willing to learn from us, you are fighting us, killing us, suffocating us.  You will not leave anything to learn from.  Today on your TVs, your politicians, your media, your journalists are lying bluntly and feel happy about it.  What you could say on American TV today, you couldn’t have said it 10 years ago or 20 years ago, so you are more comfortable with lying, with conspiring, you’re are more comfortable in describing the others as numbers, as objects, as use, not as people and souls, not as lives.  This is dangerous for you, we appreciate our lives, the more we lose people we appreciate the life we lost and the life we have, and we make sure that the lives that we lost are honoured.  Unlike you, I am sure, you questioned me yesterday, yes, there are American casualties in Syria, but they hide them away, like they hid the ones that went in Iraq, like they hide the ones that went in Afghanistan.

Abdo Haddad


First of a series of conversations with Mother Ages Mariam


On the other half, where you have all kinds of terrorist groups coming from everywhere, you have Uzbeks, Chechen, Tajik, Turkey … all kinds of … you know, of who you never heard.  They are dwelling there with their wives … and with their … ok, and ah everyone can calculate, here you have it’s very small, here you have a million, one million and a half and there they have three hundred, four hundred thousand.  Why, why?  Because everybody seeks the security of the government, because the government gives freely bread and electricity, it brings even one hour, but it brings education, medication, vaccination.  Even until today, until today it’s free, it’s free of charge ok?   So everybody, I have seen the rebel areas of like Idlib countryside, I slept there.  You find families there, they still go every month to  receive their salaries from the government because they are employees, when their son or a grandson is the leader in the rebels.  They destroy from one side and from the other side they benefit, so this is Syria and that’s why it will never fall.