The ABC’s ‘The Drum’ Censors it’s Own Tweets

On the 5th August I retweeted a tweet made by ‘The Drum’, a quote made by Aisha Novakovich. It was refreshing that an anti-imperial, anti-war voice was being heard on our public broadcaster, I cheered. The next morning Susan Dirgham tweeted the tweet had been deleted. As luck would have it, I hadn’t refreshed my page and could take a screen shot of it. One has to ask, why is ‘The Drum’ censoring pro-peace voices, in fact, why is it censoring at all?

It’s disturbing voices that aren’t simpatico with our governments’ overt sycophancy to the US are deliberately censored.  It was also an insult to Ms. Novakovich, what an appalling way to treat a guest. We know Australia’s penchant for taking us into ill advised and illegal, US wars on lies. We’ve been doing it for more than half a century, therefore Ms Novakovich’s comments were not out of line. We have watched the US unilaterally trash a working Treaty with Iran with patent disregard for other stake holders. The US has been antagonistic towards Iran for my entire life and I’m not a young person.

Is the ABC so afraid of our government since the raids, that it’s complying to their narrative? As someone who was part of a ‘Peace Pilgrimage’, with Nobel Peace prize Laureate Mairead Maguire to Iran and Syria, it’s frightening to watch the ABC caviller attitude to the repercussions of our presence in the Strait of Hormuz. On that trip we visited the Peace Museum in Tehran, we met victims of the Iran/Iraq war, some of whom still suffering from the ill effects of the gas the US sold Saddam Hussein.

Many wars begin for such trivial reasons. When Julian Assange addressed the Oxford Union for the 2013 Sams Adams Award he stated “… in the history of war, something between 20 and 50% of all wars have started as the result of these border skirmishes … “, along with other salient information regarding propaganda and Iran. Although it appears Julian’s truth is not the ABC’s cup of tea either, his is also a voice for peace.

I would also suggest the ABC view videos by Professor Seyed Mohammad Marandi, of Tehran University for a reasoned, intelligent analysis of Iran/US relations. An Iranian perspective would not hurt, even for those inclined to conflict. If for no other reason than ‘know your enemy’, with that comes understanding and hopefully the realisation that Iran is not actually an enemy at all.


Update: The reply I received from the ABC

Screen Shot 2019-08-09 at 1.36.07 pm

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