Amnesty Australia censors Syrian voices to keep their donations flowing

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In the spirit of Amnesty Australia’s home page I’d like to help expose lies, demand justice and save lives in Eastern Ghouta. What better place to do this than on Amnesty Australia’s Facebook page, see their post below begging for urgent donations? This post is high on drama but lacking in detail, prominently pinned to the top of their page, linking back to their website.

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Amnesty if flogging jihadist images and their narrative, it’s a tried and true method and worked to separate many kind people from their hard earned cash when, like the sky in Chicken Little, Aleppo was said to be falling. A Manichean narrative of good versus evil, good guys with white hats have been thrown into the mix making sure you know what side to be on. They arrive with cameras blazing, the media arm of al Qa’eda, the White Helmets, ready for their close ups.

At the time of writing 50% of East Ghouta has been liberated by the SAA and there have been terrorist surrenders. As with Aleppo local people become emboldened the closer they get to liberation. Photos started coming out of besieged Aleppo of the Syrian flag being raised in prominent areas. The people of East Ghouta have been doing the same, raising flags and protesting their support for their President and their Army.

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The following post on Twitter was marked as spam on Amnesty’s Facebook page. Now I understand that FB algorithms can mark posts as such, but Administrators are immediately informed and they can manually change the post so it can been seen. Amnesty didn’t afford this post the legitimacy it deserved and censored their audiences’ feed so they couldn’t see how the civilians they claim to want to help feel. What these Syrians did was very dangerous for them, their determination to show the world the truth was brushed aside by Amnesty.

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You can view the video here.

I also posted an interview with survivors of the Rashideen Massacre that was removed, this video remained on their thread for too long to have been an algorithm problem. It’s deletion was deliberate.

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This is not the first time I have had pause to consider Amnesty’s perceived credibility. At the NATO Chicago summit they invited Madeleine Albright to be their Goodwill Ambassador. They also ran bus shelter adverts appealing to NATO “to keep the progress going” for human rights for women and girls of Afghanistan, years before they were instrumental in the lies propagated to manufacture consent to destroy Libya.

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It appears Amnesty Australia is not at all concerned about exposing lies or justice for the people of East Ghouta or they would not feel the need for censorship. Silencing the people they claim to be serving is scurrilous behaviour. Amnesty is more concerned with donations  than the truth.

Where has Western “Anti War” (mis)lead us to?

Britain’s Massive Charity Scam




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  1. Max said:

    Amnesty International are nothing more than fake-ass pro-yankeestan excrement that doesn’t seem to mind crimes of NATO and their Saudi allies. Political tools.

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