Evacuation of takfiris from Homs to Idlib

We witnessed the incredibly media savvy terrorists being evacuated from Homs to Idlib.  They are allowed to take one weapon and their families, I saw chickens too.  Their worldly goods stowed on buses.  This enables the people they have terrorised for years respite from years of horror, and a chance to rebuild their lives.

18056941_1384618944929070_4372700014448321362_nThey were quite aware of the presence of western journalists, smiling, throwing victory signs, most went about their business.  This series of photos shows their cynicism.

18010268_1384619441595687_6007391276020786000_nCan you bring me a baby about yay big?  This may not have been exactly what he said, but this is what happened.  Call it poetic licence at the absurdity of it all.

17951815_1384619104929054_3675870183862533078_nYeah, that one will do.

17951954_1384619284929036_5958886981091274976_nWhere are those photographers?

18032996_1384619234929041_4812629916435047638_nHere we go, the money shot eyeballing the lens.  The message; moderate rebels are just like any other dad, they love their kids too … but shhh about the one who sent his very small daughters into Damascus as suicide bombers.  What proud parents.

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