Conversations with Mother Agnes Mariam


First of a series of conversations with Mother Ages Mariam


On the other half, where you have all kinds of terrorist groups coming from everywhere, you have Uzbeks, Chechen, Tajik, Turkey … all kinds of … you know, of who you never heard.  They are dwelling there with their wives … and with their … ok, and ah everyone can calculate, here you have it’s very small, here you have a million, one million and a half and there they have three hundred, four hundred thousand.  Why, why?  Because everybody seeks the security of the government, because the government gives freely bread and electricity, it brings even one hour, but it brings education, medication, vaccination.  Even until today, until today it’s free, it’s free of charge ok?   So everybody, I have seen the rebel areas of like Idlib countryside, I slept there.  You find families there, they still go every month to  receive their salaries from the government because they are employees, when their son or a grandson is the leader in the rebels.  They destroy from one side and from the other side they benefit, so this is Syria and that’s why it will never fall.



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