Conversations about Syria … a meeting with Fr. Rod


From Gosford Anglican Church’s FB page

This morning I arrived at the Gosford Anglican Church to be greeted by the above sign.  With the sign alone we know that Father Rod is no ordinary Pastor.

I had a meeting with Fr. Rod to gift his church, in my local shire, a beautifully crocheted fish shaped doily I purchased last month when in Ma’aloula, Syria.  Souveniers are sold to raise money to rebuild and restore the ancient township.  When I saw the doily I thought; who better to give this to than Fr. Rod as part of a ‘hands across the water’ gesture of peace.  I’d attended an interfaith service at the church some time ago and it took me back to Syria and her inclusiveness.  I took this opportunity to fill Fr. Rod in on a quick history of Ma’aloula and the Syrian crisis in general.  As one would imagine by Fr. Rod’s signs, he has an open mind and listened to my yarns with great interest and admitted he wasn’t fully cognizant of the situation in Syria.  So, deep breath, might as well be hanged for a sheep as a lamb …


Doily for the Gosford Anglican Church

Although my story goes against the MSM western narrative that most Australians are brainwashed with, I never once saw his eyes glaze over with that; ‘oh my, I got me a live one here’, look.  His interest was genuine, so I went for it … the full kit and caboodle, 100 odd countries participating in the destruction of Syria, the arming, training and funding by the West and their Gulf allies the love of the Syrian people for their President and their army.  I stressed the illegal presence of Australian Forces.

Fr. Rod told me he had been invited to Syria by Syria’s great friend Fr. Dave and that he was going to do some research on Ma’aloula.  I’m hoping that our meeting has whetted his appetite to learn more and if he is invited again will jump at the opportunity to take some Australians on a pilgrimage to Ma’aloula and help in the restoration.


From the gift shop Ma’aloula

My friend, Ma’aloula oracle Abdo Haddad runs a foundation to raise funds to rebuild Ma’aloula.  You can donate towards the restoration and building of homes ($5,000 to build a home) or to purchase buses for school transportation or rain boots for children in the area.  “Surrounding villages’ children will benefit, although their father have most probably attacked us in Ma’aloula.  This is our message for peace and life.” – Abdo Haddad.  If you’d like to donate, 100% of your money will go directly to help, please contact me here for  further information regarding Ma’aloula and how you go about donating.

Ma’aloula before the crisis

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