Conversations from Syria: #TheSyriaYouNeverSee

Just a taste to whet your appetite. Syria is a land of history, beauty, culture and hospitality … and food, wonderful, wonderful food. Syria is a country, not a war … the war came from outside and inflicted this horrendous crime against the innocent Syrian people. #TheSyriaYouNeverSee


The Citadel of Salahadin, 7 km east of Al-Haffah town and 30 km east of the city of Lattakia


Ugarit was an ancient port city, from c. 1450 BC until 1200 BC.


Krak des Chevaliers: damage done by terrorists


Kassab: Armenian Monastery  in northwestern Syria


Beit Al Wali Hotel, Old Damascus oohhh lala, you have to go there one day. It’s all that and more


Ma’aloula: an ancient village 56 km to the northeast of Damascus. Aramaic is still spoken here


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