Conversations from Serbia … The situation is very bad

G:  Sorry I missed your call.  Hope you are OK

Yeah I am OK

I had friends here from Croatia and Serbia they work independently
Also wanted to show u live situation of the refugees sleeping in parks

The situation is very bad

G: how many people?


Nearly 300

G: R u still hunger striking.

Ended the strike
A few days ago
With no results
Now they are in parks in Belgrade

And the following are pics from hunger strike

Some 8 strikers collapsed

G: does this mean you can’t go forward, you can’t go back


We r stuck in Serbia. Refugees are swelling. The paths are closed
Personally I thought there will be a way out but was dismayed

at the response of American Austrian and hangarian ambassadors

G:  What kind of aid are you receiving?

They told me they cannot help in opening the door or increasing the
number of refugees acceptance

G: I’ve heard Armenia will look after asylum seekers even though
they won’t settle people

Same is the issue here

They seek asylum seekers but no settlement
Serbia is tolerant and a loving country but it lacks the
capacity to deal the crisis successfully
Do u think I should resume my hunger strike in front of
Canadian embassy

I don’t know what to do

G: Are you drinking water?

Yes drinking and now eating

As we ended our hunger strike a few days ago
As the condition of one the protesters was very much serious
He was taken to hospital after that we decided to end the strike

We suffered a lot but achieved no result

G:  I think you need numbers. No point putting your health
in jeopardy unless lots of you do for impact. What media
is there. We hear nothing of this?

Media coverage was satisfactory

From across Europe
And Serbia too
Serbian minister also visited us
They talked to me but none promised anything

I was the spokesman

G: We have a mass diaspora on our hands
and you’re smack bang in the middle of it                                                                          

Neither can go back nor move forward

G: The Australia media only sees ‘evil’, peddles fear

The same is in eu media
The feedback was disappointing and derogatory
Only a few ones activists supported the cause the rests

were spewing hatred

G:  Some French Tunisian runs his truck through a
crowd they bomb Syria … the lunatics have taken
over the asylum. It makes no sense it feeds on
cortisol ‘fight or flight’

The problem is humanity is under threat from a few ones


G: as Syria cleans the takfiris out they spread across border
out of Syria.  They are mad men. Anything could happen

The are succeeding in spreading hatred

G: KSA Madrassa Wahabibis … they are barking mad and blood
thirsty and in Afghanistan, nasty pieces of shit, hope they don’t
get a hold in there but they have been there awhile with CIA

The problem us victims if violence have no place in
the world to get refuge
The problem is victims of violence…

G:  Of course again it is a few white supremacist,                                                       
neo Nazi types that perpetuate the violence on
the other side

Muslim women are scared on transport in Australia
And yes at the same time they are spreading
intolerance here against refugees

There have been more refugee deaths on Manus
Island than resettlement


G:  it’s a hell hole … but Aboriginal children are treated
like adults in custody on the mainland here.  Colonialism
has winners and losers and the white guys always win,
white privilege is a powerful thing

They have always a clever brain
We are victims are British colonialism
No signs of change and development
And divided by Duran line

G: I think there will be a fundamental shift in the
balance in the word

I wish this happens

Name redacted


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