Conversations from Syria … We are Syrians … sons of resistance

11168538_1007162782630122_2322698404513435002_nWe are Syrians …
Christians or Muslims or else … Maronite or Orthodox …
Shia or Sunni …
Alevi or Durzi or Izidi ..

Believe whatever u believe in … what bring us together is being Syrians ..
And our mutual believe in Syria ..
That we are a resistance country ..
That we are free country not in debt not related to NATO ..

Not as the camels kingdoms in Gulf countries like Qatar and Saudi .. or Jordan ..
Focus on the mutual stuff not the deffirences … so we can face this huge war on our country ..
We have a blessed case called Syria .. Iskandron and Julan hights . We want to got them back to mother Syria after clear it from the terrorists ..

We never ever invade any western country or threaten to .. or even involve our country in western cases as they do …

But we have our right that no one can take it from us is resistance ..

name redacted


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