Syrian Crisis, ISIS and U.S. Role. AA4Syria Johnny Achi & NoBombs4Syria Ara Manoogian

by Gail Malone

The propaganda war facing Syria is costing hundreds of thousands of innocent Syrian lives and has displaced millions of people.

Given that the Syrian Arab Army is being blamed for much of the killing, one only to has look at the make-up of the dead to give lie to that narrative.  Since the beginning of the crisis 45,385–80,385 Syrian military and police have been killed.  Contrary to propaganda 70% of the SAA are Sunni.

Since the beginning of the crisis over 50% of Syria’s hospitals have been seriously damaged or destroyed.  One must ask the logical question; how does this serve the Syrian Arab Republic Government?

Also since the beginning of the crisis Bashar al Jafari, the permanent envoy to the UNSC has had to fight tooth and nail to be heard.  At times his feed has been cut, other times he words are twisted by incompetent translators, he has had his wings clipped and is confined to a 25 mile radius of the UNSC.  One only has to look back on his speeches (many can be found on this Blog) to see he has maintained the line that Syria is suffering from a terrorist invasion, he has never wavered from this now obvious fact.  Why is the UNSC hell bent on silencing Jafari?  Why, at the Geneva 2 Conference was is so important for Ban Ki Moon to cut Syrian Foreign Minister; Mr. Walid Muallem speech, a Syrian national who resides in Syria, to hear reports from foreigners?  Syria is being raped and pillaged; her natural allies, the not so ‘progressive’ Western activists, have let the Syrian people down badly and they have blood on their hands, their fingers in their ears and their heads in the sand.

Syrian archeological treasures are being systematically looted, her resources and factories are being stolen, her built and natural environment destroyed and her human capital is being slaughtered while the Western media, intellectuals and activists sit idly by pointing their fingers at Bashar al Assad.

Syria is fighting both barbaric takfiri terrorists and Western Imperialism.  The question is not whether one believes, or not, the narrative regarding Bashar al Assad, the question is what do the Syrian people want?  First and foremost the Syrian people want peace and security, as they had in 2010 when Syria was found to be the 5th safest nation on earth.  The Syrian people voted overwhelming for Bashar al Assad, only last year, as they believe he is capable of achieving that end.  Internally displaced Syrians head for government areas for protection, they are not heading to Raqqa.  In fact peace would have been achieved years ago if the terrorists weren’t continually funded, armed and trained by the US/NATO and their Gulf allies.  Israel supplies air support and medical support to the terrorists, right smack bang in the middle of the so called ‘War on Terror’ and no one bats an eye.  Turkey keeps their borders porous and terrorist cross back and forth with ease and no one says boo.

If the Western media did it’s job reporting facts on the ground instead of issuing press releases for the Imperialists, things would be different for Syria.  Syria can look after herself, she does not need outside help from the West and their Gulf allies.  This group of Imperialists have caused the deaths of many Syrian civilians, destroyed grain silos and the mill to process their contents; killing the workers, destroyed oil refineries and infrastructure and managed to ‘accidentally’ drop arms and supplies to the takfiris on more than one occasion during their illegal bombing raids on a sovereign nation under great pressure.  Surely, Syria doesn’t need the hindrance of these ghoulish States?


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