Vale Serena Shim … Turkey’s grubby role in the Syrian Crisis

382994_ Serena- ShimSerena Shim (c. 1984 – October 19, 2014)

The Syrian Government has always stressed in the strongest, and ongoing, terms that they have foreign terrorists in their country causing death, chaos and dire straits for the Syrian people resulting in the deaths of upward 190,000 people with 3,024,494 registered Syrian refugees and 6,450,000 internally displaced persons. These are UN figures and would err on the side of caution, and of cause be fluid.

The Syrian Ambassador to the UN; Bashar al-Ja’afari is strident in his addresses to the UN Security Council and forthcoming with the media, still the world is not listening. Following is a cache of information that bears out the government’s narrative. One of the major players in the crisis is Turkey with designs on the ouster of, recently elected, Bashar al-Assad. Turkey had no sooner placed a caveat of a NFZ buffer on Syrian territory on their participating in the US alliance’s aggression and right on cue ISIS gained itself 3 aircraft. The Syrian Information Minister Omran al-Zoubi has since informed that; the country’s forces managed to shoot down two of the three after they made trial flights over the northwestern city of Aleppo on Tuesday.

The brave and tenacious Serena Shim published her report pointing a finger squarely at Turkey in January, 2013. Her reportage up until her tragic death in Turkey, has indicated what Syria has been attesting to since 2011. In Serena’s last report she explained that Turkish intelligence had called her a spy, and she was concerned because of Turkey’s number one ranking in imprisoning journalists. Within the week Serena was dead in a suspicious car accident. Turkey is not forthcoming with details.

During my own trips to Syria, the Syrian people I spoke with were also consistent in their condemnation of the foreign takfiris, they often spoke of Turkey’s interference and asked that we tell the world what is happening to them. Serena Shim did just that.

Two years ago the Stratfor email leaks were released by Wikileaks. The email here indicates outside interference in Syria. The Syrian Government has been saying this since the beginning of the crisis. They have been consistent throughout that the terrible events that have befallen their country, and as time has passed it is becoming increasingly obvious, that there has been violence by the armed groups at the so called ‘peaceful’ protests since day one.

[OS] SYRIA/CT – Syria vows reforms, blames outsiders for unrest

Released on 2013-02-20 00:00 GMT

Email-ID 137570
Date 2011-10-07 16:05:30
Syria vows reforms, blames outsiders for unrest By Stephanie Nebehay
GENEVA | Fri Oct 7, 2011 9:41am EDT
(Reuters) – Syria, pledging to pursue democratic reforms, accused foreign
powers on Friday of arming demonstrators and the media of waging a
propaganda war against President Bashar al-Assad’s government.Syria’s
Deputy Foreign Minister Faisal Mekdad told the U.N. Human Rights Council
that more than 1,100 security personnel had been killed in the
unrest. He was speaking a day after the United Nations said the overall
death toll since March exceeded 2,900.Syrian authorities have cracked down
hard on pro-democracy protests demanding an end to 41 years of Assad
family rule that were inspired by popular uprisings that have toppled Arab
leaders in Egypt, Tunisia and Libya this year.British, French and U.S. envoys
took the floor at the Geneva forum to call on Syria to halt executions, arbitrary
detentions, torture and enforced disappearances of civilians.Mekdad said:
“The government of Syria is going to continue its work to reinforce human
rights so that we can establish a democratic society in line with the rule of law

in line with what people deserve and aspire to.”

But he added: “We are facing hegemony by the West and the United States
and its protege Israel in our region…Syria today is the target of
terrorist threats.

“Security forces have become martyrs. Over 1,100 have been killed by the
terrorists who are supplied with arms by some of our neighboring
countries,” he said.

There had been no shelling of civilians and tanks were only used to
protect security forces from violence, Mekdad said.

The 47-member Human Rights Council body was holding a three-hour debate
on Syria’s record, part of its regular examination of all U.N. member states.

Mekdad said Syria welcomed an impartial review of its record, but added:
“Western countries do not care about human rights, they only care to
secure shipments of oil and minerals that they are going to pillage.” Read more …

Bashar Ja’afari (04/11/12) | Charlie Rose

Published on Apr 12, 2012

Excerpt from Charlie’s conversation with Bashar Ja’afari, Permanent Representative of the Syrian Arab Republic to the United Nations (04/11/12).

“The crisis has three dimensions; domestic dimension, an Arab regional dimension and an international dimension. We should blame those that are manipulating these people … Qatar, Saudi Arabia and Turkey mainly speaking. These three countries are sponsoring the armed groups … financially speaking, sending them weapons, sending them media coverage, protecting them”

I have, myself, in an official letter written to the Security Council a list of almost 2,088 military officers killed by the armed groups, plus 497 police officers, so here we are talking about something like 2,600 military and police working for the State who got killed. Who killed them? They got killed by the armed groups, sponsored by some Arab countries and some regional nations”

Turkey’s Pivotal Role in Syria’s Insurgency: PressTV Report from Inside Turkey

Published on Jan 1, 2013

“This investigative report by PressTV’s “In Focus” reporter Serena Shim tries to uncover the pivotal role that the Turkish government is playing in the armed terrorist uprising against the Syrian government and its people. From opening its borders so Sunni hardline religious extremists from all over the world can illegally cross into Syria, to supplying them with weapons, funding, food, and shelter, Turkey’s Erdogan-led government has been acting as a rogue state, a state-sponsor of terror in every sense of the word.

Note: English subtitles of conversations in Arabic & Turkish are part of the PressTV report.”

Seymour Hersh Exposes Erdogan’s Chemical Adventure in Syria

Syria Critical of UN on ISIL

Published on Sep 30, 2014

Bashar Al-Ja’afari asks why Mrs. Amos does not mention ISIL or Al-Nusrah as terrorist organizations. “She speaks of armed opposition”. She missed shedding any light on the poisonous vaccines smuggled into Syria by terrorist groups through Turkish mediators leading to the deaths of dozens of innocent Syrian children.

“….No, she doesn’t want to thank the Syrian Government, she would prefer to thank the Turkish Government. Who allow the terrorists to cross our border, from all over the world, as you know…”


“This is the English translation of the recorded conversation between Turkish Foreign Minister, Chief of Intelligence, Deputy Chief of General Staff, and Undersecretary of Foreign Affairs about massive military aid to jihadist terrorists in Syria, black ops, and war plans to invade Syria, as well as the general disarray and goofiness in Erdogan’s Islamic dictatorship.

Erdogan and his corralled media have branded all those who distribute this video as traitors. That we are traitors to his phenomenally profitable bribes and corruption business fueled by Gulf money that he reels in thanks to the heads he has chopped off in Syria.”

Turkey accuses PressTV correspondent of spying

Published on Oct 18, 2014

The Turkish government is preventing some journalists from reporting the developments in the border region. The Turkish intelligence agency has now accused our correspondent Serena Shim of spying.

“I’m very surprised at this accusation – I even thought of approaching Turkish intelligence because I have nothing to hide… I am a bit worried, because…Turkey has been labeled by Reporters Without Borders as the largest prison for journalists…so I am frightened about what they might use against me… We were some of the first people on the ground –if not the first people – to get that story of…militants going in through the Turkish border…I’ve got images of them in World Food Organization trucks. It was very apparent that they were militants by their beards, by the clothes they wore, and they were going in there with NGO trucks.”

Press TV correspondent Serena Shim killed near the Turkey-Syria border

Published on Oct 19, 2014

Serena was killed in a reported car accident when she was returning from a report scene in the city of Suruch in Turkey’s Urfa province. She was going back to her hotel in Urfa when their car collided with a heavy vehicle. Urfa province is near the Syrian border. Serena Shim covered reports for Press TV in Lebanon, Iraq, and Ukraine. On Friday, she told Press TV that the Turkish intelligence agency has threatened and accused her of spying and she fears to be arrested.

Turkish intelligence might be behind Press TV reporter’s death: US journalist

Published on Oct 20, 2014

An American journalist calls for an open and transparent investigation into the death of Press TV journalist Serena Shim, saying the Turkish intelligence might be behind the incident.

James Morris, editor of, made the remarks on Sunday while commenting to Press TV on Serena Shim’s death inside Turkey, near the Syrian Kurdish city of Kobani, where the ISIL terrorists and Kurdish fighters are engaged in heavy battles.

Foreign ISIL Militant Passports Have Turkish Govt Exit Stamps: Kurdish Fighters in Kobanê

 Published on Oct 23, 2014

“Sky News reporter at the Syrian-Turkish border, Stuart Ramsay, obtained from Kurdish fighters in the Syrian city of Kobanê (aka Ayn al-Arab) some passports belonging to foreign militants from the Islamic State (IS, aka ISIL or ISIS). All those passports had the official exit stamp from the Turkish border control, indicating that these ISIL militants entered Syria with the full knowledge of the Turkish”

New report further exposes Turkey links to ISIL militants

A newly-released report has shed further light on the Turkish government’s links to the ISIL militants, showing that Ankara is helping the Takfiri terrorist recruits cross the border into Syria. Read more …

Turkey Allowed ISIS To Established A Consulate In Ankara With 700 Bureaus Stationed Throughout

“ISIS militants are so relaxed that they do not even cut their beards, change their clothes to hide their identities [in cities]. Of course, there are some who do. But organisers do not think that they need to hide themselves. They act as they wish in Istanbul, Konya, Gaziantep and Hatay.”

Upon the question why the government does not do something about it, security officials responded:

“Militants operate either in police or gendarmerie areas. It is not possible that their operations are not within their knowledge. But the government does not order forces to do something. We hear some really astonishing things. The headquarters send orders to units. They say us not to stop or fine some cars. We have heard that some of these cars belong to ISIS militants. What do you expect the security forces to do then?” Read more …


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