Dr Bouthaina Shaaban: Western reactions to ISIS “are coming too little too late.” [VIDEO]


For my beloved nephew. May you keep resisting and prevail!

Dr Bouthaina Shaaban, adviser to Syrian Presidency tells Channel 4 News that western reactions to Isis “are coming too little too late.” “The whole world should be against Isis,” she says. Dr. Shaaban also blasted Senator John McCain for meeting terrorists in Aleppo, Syria.


It is amazing that a seasoned journalist is so short of facts and so high on propaganda.

This is not the first time Jon Snow has interviewed Bouthaina Shaaban, he should then have a better understanding of the situation. Still he carries the Imperialist narrative. The ignorance of the Western media makes them culpable in the loss of innocent lives in Syria. The Syrian people see them at best as puppets of empire, at worst aiding and abetting terrorism in their Motherland and should be arrested under harsh anti-terrorist laws.

Sadly, it appears the blood thirty West will stop at nothing to remove Bashar al Assad from power, regardless of the Syrian people voting overwhelmingly for him. Not only is this arrogance going to cost more innocent lives in Syria but if it succeeds will create a power vacuum, as has already happened in Iraq, allowing terrorism to prevail. The proof is in the pudding.

It is with great sadness for my greater Syrian family that I see the staggering gullibility of Westerners, their media and governments. We apparently learn nothing from history, we know Iraq was a lie, we know Libya was a lie, why do we believe the truth is being told regarding Syria?


Dr. Bouthaina Shaaban

Dr. Bouthaina Shaaban is a Political and Media Adviser to the President of Syria, and former Minister of Expatriates for the Syrian Arab Republic between 2003 and 2008. She is also a writer and professor at Damascus University since 1985. She’s got her PhD in English Literature from Warwick University, London. She was nominated for Nobel Peace Prize in 2005. She has been described as the Syrian “regime’s face to the outside World”.


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