Lizzie Phelan about the media conspiracy against Syria – Recommended

Even though Bashar al-Assad is overwhelmingly supported by the Syrian people, the West continues its demonisation of him. However, more people are waking up to the truth of Syria. The brutal slaughter of Syrians and their displacement both within and without Syria, hold no sway with the so called human rights, chest thumping West. 

More people need to visit Syria to see exactly what is happening there. Don’t believe the hype, regardless of how loud the media screams insults at those that have open eyes in their heads. This especially goes for self righteous journalists in Australia and their total ignorance of Syria and the contempt they show the Syrian people and their choice for their democracy. They are complicit in the destruction of Syria and are for all intents and purposes are supporting terrorism.

Also see: LIBYA Amnesty International confessing – Libya War Lies Worse Than Iraq


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