Conversations from Syria … They r arround us

10403143_841403879206014_833997063828663275_nG: How long till they reach you?
And the army r more here now
So everything will be fine
They r around us
G: Good glad the army there…
and you are prepared
We attack some places and kicke them far away
Yes yea
G: They can’t sneak attack you, that’s always best …
Still, surrounded doesn’t sound good to me
Surrounded from east and north .
We have the west to get back
All the problen here now is the
water and power
G: Great, just on 2 sides, I can relax then ;p
Yes pls relax my dear
G: I remember those soldiers in Aleppo lasted a long time.
You will too, with a great beard xx


For 1.5 yrs these soldiers were hold up in Aleppo prison never surrendering. Now free

For 1.5 yrs these soldiers were hold up in Aleppo prison, never surrendering. Now free!

G: I’m not the praying type, but I pray all the same.
I have faith in you all my brave nephew
thank u so much my beautifull aunt
Syria will be clean more than it was
when u were here
We will get it back
So u can came here always .. to ur other homeland
G: I know you will….what about US now want to ‘help’,
I would have thought they had already ‘helped’ enough
I will be back, it’s my dream…
They can help by stop arming what they made “isis”
also order their bitch Turkey to stop
Sorry to say a bad word
I apologize
G: You’re allowed bad words
they’re just words
G: Yes, ISIS are very cashed up now…lots of new toys
U saw how they r learning their kids to behead !?
G: business is booming for arms manufacturers
Yes, I did
A dreadful Australian has his son holding a
head to a photo
Not just that
They r so sick !!
G: Never seen the likes of them…religious?
no religion does what they do.
They made a new religion
Just to do the plan they were told to
G: Cult of Death
G: Make sure you rest when you can…
K sure
G: You are all in my heart, keep your
wits about you….don’t be tired.
I’m serious about resting

Sure aunt

Name redacted



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