Conversations from Syria ….. They r here .. but those bastards r so many

10538407_829352443744491_1411590220896959505_nG: Hello there stranger

Aunt Gail ♡♡
I miss u so much
G: xoxo

How are you?

I am alive .. how r u ???

I really miss u

But i barely have power 2 hours daily

G: I miss you too, I think of you everyday
my beautifull aunt
G: Oh dear sweetheart, how r u managing
We r fine .. but things r so crazy here
G: Tell me about what’s happening in your life…
your family, are they well?
I am so sorry
Power was cut
G: I thought so
We r surrounded
My family
But still alive
G: No
where’s the army?
They r here .. but those bastards r so many
We will be fine aunt don’t worry
We may send my family away ..
and we “the males” will fight
G: how can I not worry….I love you as family
is there a safe way out for the women,
children elderly?
Yes yes i hope the will be fine

U r my family .. not “as”

G: I know

But i mean don’t worry that we r ready

What about u ?

G: I’m very worried for you all…
I’m always worried for you
Noooo my dear aunt
Kisses to ur hands
I swear to u we r fine
We r ready for them
We can send the kids and women to west

and block them from the city

Name redacted


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