Conversations from Syria ….. don’t worry … Syria will be rebuild so fast

10500560_722984107743539_8287523940390939717_ndon’t worry … Syria will be rebuild so fast

G: Some things can’t be fixed though. We were shown satellite photos of digs that are looting Syrian treasures…the destruction of heritage sites is mind boggling


G:  The entire planet should be angry about it and trying to help

Well all the planet without the west

by the way .. we have so

many allies

G: The people aren’t their govt. Ppl in the West hate and are shamed by what is done in their name. We don’t have democracy, we have no say in what govt. does.

I know and strong and important allies

Nooo Gail .. don’t missunderstood me pls

I have no hates to the pure people everywhere

and as I told

west I mean the govts and the people support it

but u have to know that west people doesn’t give a shit about killing here

some of them just say : yeah we r nuclear countries .. and we can do what we like too

but this powerfull will be upside down soon

do they like it if we did there like they r doing here ?

Name redacted
  1. bobee said:

    As Gail said, many of us in the western world are saddened and horrified by the atrocities that are committed in our name. Much as we try, we are fettered. The brainwashing and fear of people that are to ignorant to understand the real truth. Frustrates us greatly. We know and understand the lies that are being perpetrated. But appear helpless to stop it. It is actions that have been happening for decades. People are so controlled by fear. Fear of what they do not understand. We try hard to make people understand, to hope that we can change what is happening. Many of us pray daily for this peace. But often those prayers are just met with impotent frustration. All I can say is sorry, for what the allied forces do, in our name. Because, I and so many others. Do not agree with these illegal wars. And I know personally, that I feel the massive weight of guilt for these actions. And daily, sadness for the suffering that we are causing.

  2. kevin armstrong said:

    While Israel enjoys the tacit approval of the US and it’s minions this situation can only become worse for Gaza. The US imposes severe sanctions on N. Korea for cyber crime, but ignores the carnage in Gaza. Until such time that Gaza is given statehood there is little hope of detente, and the suffering of many innocent people in Gaza will continue.

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