Conversations from Syria ….. how could her family forgot or forgive ?


how could her family forgot or forgive ?

G: This little one from
Gaza…Pillar of Cloud, if I remember rightly

Shameful! These wars are against civilians, not armies…

NATO/US are cowards,
they never win wars,
they just slaughter and destroy…

in Syria .. they didn’t lose anything

they send us a trash

who they don’t care about them

just giving them arms
and send them here

so they destroyed Syria by a trash terrorists

G: or they use drones….cowards. They safest place to be in their wars is in the army


When USA said that they r coming to hit Syria

to give the terrorists more places and help them

u have to see what happened in Syria lol

and they started the war from the see ..

and the knew it that they will be sooooo fucked

then they made that Congress act lol

and sneak with humilation

G: True…the world is waking up to them. They are threatening Russia…are they mad? Russia is not Afghanistan they have an airforce. Putin is so much smarter than them…a chess player

Russia can fuck America

and if they attack Russia I am ready to go to defend my Russian brothers

G: if they attack Russia, it’s WWIII


the politicals said :

if they attacked Syria it will be WWIII

but if they attack Russia .. it will be : America

Name redacted


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