Australia: Common Core Curriculum and the TPP …. what a wonderful world?

The Global Roots of the Common Core State Standards



The education system of the United States was built, in part, by utilizing the best ideas from abroad, mainly from Germany and Scotland. But after achieving the leading education system in the world, and the first country to achieve mass secondary education, and the first to promote higher education broadly, we stopped looking abroad for new ways to improve. Read more …

What is the Common Core US education initiative?

Common Core State Standards (CCSS) for Math and English Language Arts are being implemented in kindergarten through 12th grade classrooms across the United States this year. The federal initiative moves towards the establishment of national, rather than state-by-state curriculum standards. It has been promoted by the Obama administration and bankrolled by various corporate interests such as the Gates Foundation. It is being rolled out with little or no discussion among teachers, parents and students. Read more …

The Problem With the Common Core

The rollout of the CCSS has seemed more like a marketing campaign than an educational plan. Push-back is building.

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Read more …

Australian Officials Want a Less Liberal National Curriculum

Curriculum is always a topic for debate. Educators, parents and politicians want to know what should be taught, why it should be taught, and for whom it is best taught. We worry what is age-appropriate, and to that extent, whether some curriculum is appropriate at all. Read more …

Diane Ravitch’s blog

Here is a website in Australia that keeps watch on the damage done to Australian education by bad ideas imported from the USA.

The question is why Australia – which ranks above the US on those international tests–should be copying the methods of the US. Read more …

Further reading on the TPP and TiSA:




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