Dear Julian ….. #2years2long


For those that don’t know the 19th of June is the 2nd anniversary, albeit not one for happy celebration, Julian Assange has been under the protection of the Ecuadorian Government in their Embassy in London.

However, Julian’s strength of character is to be celebrated.  Along with his courage to cross swords with the most powerful regime in the world, the USA, and stand firm.  Thus, enabling us to understand machinations of empire, among a myriad of other important information.

I have regularly been ask why an escape plan isn’t devised for Julian.  I can only speak for myself.  I would like to see Julian free, not on the run.  I would like to see Julian continue publishing to help keep our world enlightened.  I would like to see Julian have free and unfettered movement to travel, or not, as he sees fit.  I would like to see Julian spend time privately with family, loved ones and friends.  I would like to see Julian with the earth under his feet, the sun on his back, the wind in his hair and maybe a hint of a sun burnt nose; these things connect us to our planet. These things ground us and nurture us as human beings, we need access to nature; as we are not separate but part of it. These simple things are our birthright, rights that should not to bestowed nor removed at the whim of governments because they have been embarrassed and their soft underbellies exposed.

It is not for governments to determine our rights, our rights should determine our governments.

I wish for Julian simple human rights and the brightest of futures that freedom can afford him.


Peace and love, Julian

Gail xox




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