The Fall of Iraq – What you’re not being told … well, some of it

This is a pretty fair analysis and is borne out by the Syrian elections. The people do not want fundamentalist foreigners taking over their countries. However, they ride into town pigging backing on genuine discontent or uprisings and stir the pot. Why wouldn’t huge numbers of Iraqis not be angry with the repressive Maliki regime? There are huge defections from his army, a vacuum ready for ISIS.  ISIS come in bend everything out of shape by their barbarity toward anything that is ‘other’. There are reports, read bragging by ISIS, of mass executions, reports of them being faked and then from people saying they now feel safer from the hated Maliki. Newspeak would say the situation is fluid. Empire can sit back and watch the killing fields as peoples’ turn on one another.

Syria is proving difficult because of the unity of the Syrian people, their government and their beloved Syrian Arab Army. Syria had also not been suffering from a decade odd of war and all that brings with it, apart from trashed infra-structure, they were not a ravaged people.



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