The War You Don’t See: Julian Assange interviewed by John Pilger #2years2long

Looking at the enormous quantity and diversity of these military or intelligence apparatus insider documents, what I see is a vast sprawling estate in what we would traditionally call the Military Intelligence Complex or Military Industrial Complex. And this sprawling industrial estate is growing, becoming more and more secretive, becoming more and more uncontrolled. This is not a sophisticated conspiracy controlled at the top, this is a vast movement of self interest with thousands and thousands of players all working together and against each other to produce an end result which is Iraq and Afghanistan and Columbia, and keeping that going.

We often talk about tax havens and people hiding assets and transferring money in off shore tax havens. So I see some remarkable similarities; Guantanamo is used for laundering people to an off shore haven which doesn’t follow the rule of law. Similarly Iraq and Afghanistan and Columbia are used to wash money out of the US tax base and back ~ Julian Assange


Full Length


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