Conversations from Syria ….. know that Syria never kneel


I support our great army
They looked after us well
Which is without him … we would be
killed the first month of this war

I adore the army
They r being killed to protect us

Taking us from a place to another away of those bastards

Like a civil resistance against the islamic extreme groubs which the west sent it and call it (protesters)

Death is every wear
This is the american democracy

In Syria … we had never had qaeda ever

Till USA came here

They wont win in Syria

They will never win

If u know the real Syrian well and the Syrian history u will know that Syria never kneel and Damascus always win

We will keep fighting those criminals till the last man standing

Our army don’t need hezbollah help Hezbollah is protecting his places Cus the terrorists attacked hezbollah too as USA ordered

of course…

Name redacted


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