Syrian Elections …. Let the spin begin!


Dr. Bashar Hafez Al-Assad won the Presidential election in Syria with a 73.42% turnout gaining 88.7% of the votes.

It seemed obvious to me, after visiting Syria twice in the last 6 months, that al Assad would win and would win overwhelmingly. People were very happy to voice their approval of their ‘Lion’ who didn’t desert them in their time of great trouble. The praise for al Assad was only equaled by the praise for their beloved Syrian Arab Army. In Homs, just a couple of days after a double bomb blast, aimed to kill civilians, a young man I spoke to chanted “bombs or no bombs, Assad or no one”

The Western media will continue to spin the outcome of this election; it was rigged I tells ya, rigged! Whilst they condone a brutal coup in Ukraine. It is not the West’s place to teach the Syrian people how to do democracy, it seems they already do it very well.


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