Conversations from Syria … Let me tell u something .. how media fake things …

Notice the proportions here. These 'bombs' would be longer than a single story of this building. The first 'bomb' appears to have made contact with the building, but no explosion. Of course this 'bombing was captured on film.

As they did in many massacres
They take pics from many
sides and many shapes
And they show one every
couple days on their media as
it is their killed from the army

They did that in houla after
they killed the minorities there ..
they were recording it … people
slaughtered in their houses ..
some of them still blooding
And these bastards r inside the
house recording it

G: Do you know anything about the
barrel bomb attacks reported in
Daraya? today that is?

To u as a foreigner u may believe
it with a little thinking that “how
could the army do that in this
fast then the fsa came in this fast
too ?” And don’t they try to help
this people !! Why they r just recording?

G: I don’t believe it, that’s why I ask.

But to me as a person close to them
and i know people survived from …
and they ran away to my city .. i know
the truth
I didn’t hear yet about the barrel bomb
What happened there ?

Look look
Let me tell u something .. how media
fake things to u U saw that they always
say that the regime hit schools in Aleppo
Schools of kids

Here is what happening
When those bastards entered a
nieghbourhood Most of the civilians ran
away to another nieghbourhood
To be protected by the army
The take the big buildings and make
it centers for sniping .. and rooms for
their terrorists

They take the schools
The school have no kids inside
It was stopped since they entered
It is full of terrorists
And if anyone just think a little in his
mind : Why would they regime hit kids !!!!!!
What’s the point ??? Even if u think the
regime is evil
1- kids can’t fight him
2- it would be only a media material used
against the army
So why would he do that stupid thing ?

G: I know….how cld the government hold
on this long if the ppl didn’t want it.

The uncle of my friend had been beheaded
by the terrorists Before they beheaded hin
The recorded a video of him talking about
the regime ..
And say that he joined the terrorists cus
they r good And looking for the islam ruling
U as a foreigner could believe that
But u can see the injuries on his face

I told u … they used so many bodies they
killed as a media materials
Yes in lattakia too
I givt u an example i lived … houla massacre

Al houla was : 161 killed inside their houses
According to their religion
They were families
Then the fsa continue the massacre after a
USA media support and killed all the minorities
in Aqra “Scorpion” village in Houla …
They where beheaded and shooted
The were families Kids .. women

Name redacted


Graveyard Latakia after worst massacre. Photo: Gail Malone, April 2014

The Real Farce

Media Distortions on the Syrian Elections


US Secretary of State Kerry has pronounced the Syrian election to be a “farce”.   As if on cue,  National Public Radio, Associated Press, ABC  and other western media have presented stories which support that claim.   A closer look reveals the media has been exaggerating, distorting and lying about the Syrian elections.

Following are a few examples  from the past few days.

Example 1.  “Thousands Flee before Syrian Elections” by Bassem Mroue, AP

On Saturday May 31 Associated Press distributed a story claiming that thousands of Syrian civilians have “fled government-held Syrian cities”. In my local newspaper there is an accompanying photo showing youth on a truck, photographed from behind. The impression to the casual viewer will be that these are some of the people fleeing.  But  the reality is  the opposite: the photo shows youth enthusiastically encouraging voting in the election and flashing peace signs.  Far from “fleeing”, they are driving around town expressing their enthusiasm for the election.

Read more …

Syrian Observatory for Human Rights

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR) is an information office opposed to the Government of Syria. There was conflict between Rami Abdulrahman,[1] a Syrian expatriate, and Mousab Azzawi about who rightfully ran the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights.[2][3] Abdulrahman’s UK based SOHR has been cited by virtually every western news outlet since the beginning of the uprising.[1][3]

The United Kingdom-based SOHR is run out of a two-bedroom terraced home in Coventry by one person, Rami Abdulrahman,[4] a Syrian Sunni Muslim who also runs a clothes shop. After three spells in prison in Syria, Abdulrahman came to Britain in 2000 fearing a longer, fourth jail term.[1]

In a December 2011 interview with Reuters, Abdulrahman said the observatory has a network of 200 people and that six of his sources had been killed. Abdulrahman reports on events in the Syrian uprising, including the deaths of civilians, rebels and army defectors (which he calls “martyrs”)[5] and government soldiers.[6] SOHR’s methodology for counting civilian victims has been questioned,[7] as the organisation includes opposition combatants among the number of civilian casualties, as long as these are not former members of the military.[8]

Read more …

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