Conversations from Syria … We have famous say here :

10299507_778209382192131_1742246070_n“We have famous say here :

When u opposite or make America
angry .. u have to know that u did
the good choise .. and the opposite
is right too
And they paid so much with their
camels countries support
To make Syria upside down
They count on those most bloody
killers that u will ever see
To kill all the minorites
While the west os saying : it is a
freedom revolution .. they r peacfull ..
they have no arms
But they screwed them selves by
pushing the minorities religions
like this
Rape ,beheade, shoot, hit … etc
They made a mistake to think like this
Maybe they destroyed Syria … made
Syria weaker … and killed alot of smart
and usefull people
But they made us stronger and stronger
And we will be back in a short time
We will not die
We die
We die only for a new life
Of our children
To keep the resisting on
They will end … and we will never end”
Name redacted

SYRIA/US – US secretly backed Syrian opposition: WikiLeaks

The US State Department has secretly funded Syrian opposition groups,
according to diplomatic cables released by WikiLeaks, The Washington Post
reported on Monday.

The cables show that the State Department has funneled as much as $6
million since 2006 to a group of Syrian exiles to operate a London-based
satellite channel, Barada TV, and finance activities inside Syria, the
Post said.

Barada TV began broadcasting in April 2009 but has ramped up operations to
cover the mass protests in Syria that began last month as part of a
long-standing campaign to overthrow President Bashar Al Assad the Post
said. The US money for Syrian opposition figures began flowing under
President George W. Bush after political ties with Damascus were frozen in
2005, the newspaper said.

Read more …


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