Transcript: Meeting I attended with Syrian Information Minister Omran al-Zoubi Dec, 2013

omran-al-zoubiWhat happened in Afghanistan were committed by Saudi Arabians, planning it, funding it and executing it. But no one is saying anything to Saudi Arabia because of Saudi Arabian money. Some say the number of victims in Syria, the number of people that have died are above 100,000, You should be sure that the majority of the 100,000 are from the Syrian Arab Army, journalists, civilians and not from the [inaudible]. There are 10s of 1,000s of martyrs from the Syrian Arab Army and they are not civilians, just as some want to portray that the government is killing civilians. There is an area very close to Damascus which is called Adrah, the industrial town of Adrah; terrorists groups entered Adrah a few days ago. The people, the residents of Adra where at the entrances of buildings acting as human shields. That is why the Syrian Arab Army is unable to advance and liberate the town and they can’t use any heavy weaponry. And no one at all has expressed concern about this, not the UN, not the US not France. No one has expressed concern about this or addressed what’s happening in Adrah. Of course there were many heads that were cut off and each head was photographed in front of it’s body and there were a number of children, between 8 and 11 of them, that were thrown into industrial ovens while they were alive. And these truth will be exposed soon, god willing.

What is happening on the ground is different than what certain media are showing I sincerely hope that you are able to visit the nearest point here to see for yourself to know what I am saying. Of course in that area and other areas as well. Our people were violated and our women were violated and there were women left naked in the streets, by the armed groups. The armed takfiri groups want to bring people back more than 1,500 years. That’s why the battles we are fighting now are not just Syria’s battles. It’s the battle of the civilised world. However for some reason because of Israel they do not want these truths to come out. I will say this; Israel occupies Syrian land, Israel is supported by the United States and the West…Europe. The Syrian Government at the moment is in severe conflict with Israel because of its occupation of its land. We will have to abandon our right to our land and accept the occupation just so our voice can be heard. And simply this is not acceptable, this government or any other government will abandon this land.

The head of Saudi intelligence was in Israel, he met with Israeli officials because now there are mutual benefits between Saudi Arabia and Israel against Syria. Of course [inadible] as a Syrian Government and without any pre-conditions. However, what we care about in Geneva is that we come out and that all participate in finding a solution. All other subjects are just details; creating a government, a parliament, elections all those are just details that we can agree on later. However there is no importance to these details if terrorism is going to spread and breed in the region. However, that’s why the real battle here in Syria is between civilisation and takfiri terrorism. I imagine you have visited area in Damascus and you have seen that the churches and mosques are in coherence with each other. Usually during the holidays Christmas and New Year the mosques are decorated too and usually on Sunday the courtyards in front of the mosques are turned into car parks for the people that people can park their cars are go and pray in churches and visa verso. Therefore there is no religious problem in Syria, not between the different Islamic sects and not between Muslim and Christian. Everything said to oppose this is just fabrications and lies. I don’t even know the people that work in my ministry what religion they are or what sect they are. We have people from all religions and all sects. The language of sectarianism isn’t even used and this is what makes Syria different and this is the culture of coherence in the region. The Pope spoke of this and the Pope before him spoke of this and there are many representative from the Vatican that have spoken about Syria’s religious tolerance.

That is why we have been shocked at sectarian language and the Syrians fight sectarian language and attitudes. At the end of the day we think that this will take a long time. If world governments do not interfere to stop the infiltration of people through Jordan and Turkey from Saudi Arabia. You should know that in Turkey there is an extremist government in power and extremist forces in Jordan that play a big role in it’s politics, everyone knows what Saudi Arabia is. Therefore we believe that if world governments do not put pressure on those countries the war will continue for a long time although I would like to assure you that Syria will fight militarily and ideologically against this war and the state will not collapse. Of course this is because of the cultural advancement of the Syrian people and because of Syria’s strong government and because of the Syrian Arab Army.


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